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  • Composer: Various
  • Instrumentation: Brass Band, Brass Choir, Brass Quintet, Quintet, Wind Band
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This unique new resource from BrookWright Music will be an essential part of every band’s library! All Tuned Up is designed to cater for ensembles for occasions throughout the year. Tunes are drawn from genres including Classical, Hymns, Folk and Patriotic amongst many others to form a comprehensive book that will cover a wide variety of events such as Weddings, Funerals, Graduation Ceremonies, Parties, Proms, Remembrance, Street Playing, and Thanksgiving.

Playable by as few as five players but also designed to work for full brass band or wind band, it features flexible parts in a wide variety of transpositions. These excellent arrangements have been expertly created by Andrew Wainwright, David E. Jones, Dean H. Jones and Steven Ponsford.

The general harmonic format of All Tuned Up is in five parts, although additional notes have been included to thicken the harmony where more players are available. Therefore, the book will work equally well with larger groups, including full brass bands and wind bands.

At the end of the Part 1 Bb book are four a capela tunes for Remembrance/Memorial occasions.

Order Options

Available as a Full Set, Brass Band Set, or you can order individual parts. Please note the Score is sold separately from any of the sets.

  1. Full Set (includes 16 parts)
    1. Part 1 Eb (optional) – Soprano Cornet/Trumpet Eb, Clarinet Eb
    2. Part 1 Bb – Cornet/Trumpet Bb, Clarinet Bb, Flugel, Soprano Saxophone
    3. Part 1 C – Piccolo, Flute, Oboe,
    4. Part 2 Bb – Cornet/Trumpet, Clarinet Bb, Flugel
    5. Part 2 Eb – Tenor Horn, Alto Saxophone, Alto Clarinet Eb
    6. Part 2 F – Horn, Cor Anglais
    7. Part 3 Bb – Baritone, Trombone, Euphonium, Tenor Saxophone,
    8. Part 3 C (Bass clef) – Baritone, Trombone, Euphonium
    9. Part 3 Eb – Tenor Horn, Alto Saxophone, Alto Clarinet Eb
    10. Part 3 F – Horn, Cor Anglais
    11. Part 4 Bb – Euphonium, Baritone, Tenor Saxophone
    12. Part 4 C (Bass clef) – Euphonium, Baritone, Bassoon
    13. Part 5 Eb – Bass Eb, Baritone Saxophone
    14. Part 5 Bb – Bass Bb, Bass Clarinet
    15. Part 5 C (Bass clef) – Tuba, Bassoon, String Bass
    16. Percussion (optional) – Various
  2. Brass Band Set (includes 10 parts)
    1. Part 1 Eb (optional) – Soprano Cornet Eb
    2. Part 1 Bb – Cornet Bb, Flugel
    3. Part 2 Bb – Cornet Bb, Flugel
    4. Part 2 Eb – Tenor Horn
    5. Part 3 Bb – Baritone, Trombone, Euphonium
    6. Part 3 Eb – Tenor Horn
    7. Part 4 Bb – Euphonium, Baritone
    8. Part 5 Eb – Bass Eb
    9. Part 5 Bb – Bass Bb
    10. Percussion (optional) – Various
  3. Score is sold separately.
  4. Any part can be ordered individually.

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Brass Band, Brass Choir, Brass Quintet, Quintet, Wind Band


Brass Band Set, Full Set, Part 1 Bb, Part 1 C, Part 1 Eb, Part 2 Bb, Part 2 Eb, Part 2 F, Part 3 Bb, Part 3 C, Part 3 Eb, Part 3 F, Part 4 Bb, Part 4C, Part 5 Bb, Part 5 C, Part 5 Eb, Percussion, Score