Facets of the Heart (Parts only)


  • Composer: Davoren
  • Instrumentation: Brass Band
  • Difficulty: 5

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Chosen as the 2022 NABBA First Section Test Piece. Facets of the Heart was commissioned for the 2015 Butlin’s Mineworkers Brass Band Championship.

From the composer, Tom Davoren:
Created as a direct response to my mum, Diane Davoren, and here successful fight against Leukaemia,, the concept behind Facets of the Heart has changed considerably between its inception and completion. The result is a musical representation of three perhaps lesser considered but none the less extremely important aspects of love, set against their natural opposites. Running in three continuous sections, the chosen aspects are Fear & Hope, Pain & Comfort and Doubt & Courage.If there were a particular goal in composing this piece, it would not necessarily be the imparting of my own experiences on others. Rather than the process of composition ending on the completion of the score, I see Facets of the Heart as a continuing collaboration. I hope that those engaging with the music, as performers or listeners, will find it inspires enough personal relevance to bring a performance to life. In an effort to achieve this I have left the shaping of musical line with points of expression and rubato very much open to interpretation. This said, the integrity of each line and mood set by timbre are detailed more specifically in my choice of phrasing, instrumental balance and muted textures.


Difficulty 5

(Hard) Arrangements with a difficulty 5 begin to introduce polyrhythm’s and asymmetrical meters. Changing meters are much more frequent and instrumentation may be more diverse, and include piano, harp, or unusual instruments.

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