El Camino A Belén


  • Composer: Simmons-Smith
  • Featured Instrument: trumpet
  • Instrumentation: Brass Band
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This trumpet solo was written by Nick Simmons-Smith at the request of Dallas Brass Band for a Christmas concert featuring Elmer Churampi, international trumpet soloist.

The solo features three Christmas songs:

  1. Mi Burrito Sabanero voy camino de Belén (With my donkey of the Savannah, I’m going to Bethlehem)
  2. Noche de paz (Silent night)
  3. Campana Sobre Campana (Bell above bells, O bells of Bethlehem)

These songs are all very popular in Central and South America – including Peru, where Elmer Churampi is originally from. Each tune has been given a different Latin treatment producing a fast-slow-fast festive concert solo. The solo is not long, but each movement could be played individually.

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